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Swipe. Scan. Verify.

A simple, easy, and inexpensive three step process keeps data safely in the patients' hands. No complex or expensive IT infrastructure is required.


A Revolutionary Blockchain Solution

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Easy Sign up

No personally identifiable information required.

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Secure Digital Identity

Your account is yours and yours alone. Patients own their data.

International Program

Ready to deploy under the stewardship of each county or company.

No App Store Required

Delivered directly from the web to any web enabled device.

Advantages For You


Our Verified Health Record is secure and created at the point of trust.


The only solution that can be quickly adopted to span the planet.

Patient Owned

At no point in the VXPASS process do we own your data. YOUR personal data is yours and yours alone.

A Global Solution

A worldwide solution for national, regional and local vaccination verification protocols.

No Data Collection

VXPASS does not collect or store your personal, or healthcare, data. It only exists on the blockchain.

Blockchain Secure

Secured by the new layer of trust provided by an immutable ledger.

VXPASS Application

Product Suite


  • Point of Injection Verification
  • Accurate Regimen Tracking
  • Vaccine Specific Records
  • Patient Owned Records
  • Verify Anywhere with VXVerify


  • Previous Vaccinations are Verfied
  • Records From Official Registries
  • Recorded by Medical Professionals
  • Patient Owned Records
  • Verify Anywhere with VXVerify

Aftercare Pro

  • Aftercare for Companies & Orgs
  • Simply Secures Your Premesis
  • Instant Visual Verification
  • Cross Border Verification
  • No Personally Identifiable Information Storage Required
  • Peer-2-Peer Data Sharing

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