Verification Made Easy for Business

Mobile Web App

Works on any employee smartphone without downloads or app stores.

Simple Pricing

Pay Per Unit basis allows companies to confidently verify their employee status without ongoing fees.

Secure & Reliable

VXPASS is the only provider for Patient Owned VHRs™ secured by the blockchain using SMART standards for digital signatures.

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How It Works

Simply sign up and send out an email for your employees to schedule time with our medical professional. After that verification is as simple as a swipe.

Sign Up

Let us know your states of operations and the number of employees. We will set you up with qualified Doctors or Pharmacists in your area.

Notify Your Employees

Your business should not have to be int eh middle of your employees and their medical provider. Simply send an email for your employees to book tiem directly with a VXPASS medical Professional.

Scan To Verify

Once your employee recieves the VXPASS record, you can verify the status with a simple scan of their QR code. Scan as much and as often as needed.

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Who We Help

For companies who have a mandated requirement to secure the premises, VXPASS is the perfect solution.

VXPASS understands that you don't want to have to save your employees vaccination status & you need to be able to check to keep the business operations.

Close quarters for manufacturing facilities can be problematic for the spread of illness and impact the ability for employees to perform. VXPASS makes securing your premises simple and effective.

Checking paper cards can be a burden and relatively ineffective. VXPASS makes it simple for event producers to verify attendee vaccination status without saving or storing any patient health data.

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