Simple, Secure, Verified Health Records (VHR™)

Our products provide a range of options for verification; CARE, verifies completion of a vaccination protocol at point of injection AFTERCARE, verifies previously completed vaccination protocols and VERIFIED is the platform that verifies a VXPASS’s validity.

No Personal Info

VXPASS does not require your personally identifiable information to register.

Mobile First

Access your digital wallet from and web enabled smart phone or tablet.

Blockchain Secure

VXPASS leverages blockchain technology to secure records, using a simple website, in a wallet that the patient owns.

Patient Owned Records

Blockchain technology lets patients own their data. No longer must your private healthcare information be someone else’s property.


Why Choose VXPASS

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Own Your Data

As more and more personal data is created it's important that we create new ways for patients to protect themselves. Owning your data ensures your sovereignty.

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Share Securely

The VXPASS QR code allows patients to quickly and easily share the information of their choosing with a healthcare provider without signing up to the healthcare providers service.

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Single Source of Truth.

VXPASS uses the blockchain providing a wallet and public private keys (like SMART Cards) to prove the validity of a record, forever.


Verified Everywhere

VXPASS delivers a world class mobile first website, accessible around the globe without worrying about app stores or downloads.

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