VXPASS enables countries with low cost digital infrastructure and recordkeeping

Countries can leapfrog over pricey cloud storage by maximizing the blockchain’s low initial investment, low upkeep, and low variable costs. This new technology provides virtually unlimited scalability.

Mobile First ​

Access the VXPASS family of applications from any smartphone with a web-broswer.

No Long Term Contracts

VXPASS provides a low cost pay-as-you-go model rather than long term service contracts.

Immediate Updates

VXPASS web-based solutions deliver the most up to date version each time a page loads. No app updates are ever required.

Blockchain Done Right

Why Choose VXPASS

Local Job Creation

VXPASS re-invests a portion of all profits back into the local economies in which we are deployed.

Secure, Real Time Data

VXPASS utilizes the blockchain to provide near-real time data and reporting tools.

Quick To Deploy

Applications delivered via the web require no custom install, are operating system independent, and update immediately on page load.

Designed for Mobile

VXPASS’ applications are delivered as websites, mobile optimized for the easiest use imaginable.

No Technicians Required

VXPASS works with a mobile phone or tablet. No additional install or setup is required.

Utilizes Wireless Networks

Built to work using your existing infrastructure.

VXPASS Applications & Products

Product Suite


  • Point of Injection Verification
  • Accurate Regimen Tracking
  • Vaccine Specific Records
  • Patient Owned Records
  • Verify Anywhere with VXVerify


  • Previous Vaccinations are Verfied
  • Records From Official Registries
  • Written by Medical Professionals
  • Patient Owned Records
  • Verify Anywhere with VXVerify

Aftercare Pro

  • Aftercare for Companies & Orgs
  • Simply Secures Your Premesis
  • Instant Visual Verification
  • Cross Border Verification
  • No Personally Identifiable Information Storage Required
  • Peer-2-Peer Data Sharing


VXPASS is a web-based application that can provide efficiency without requiring direct integration.

Patient Added Data

Patient details are encoded and shared via P2P QR code.

Simple Status Verification

By Swiping the patients QR code a medical practitioner can simply and easily verify a patients status prior to treatment.

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