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Business Relationships

VXPASS partners with pharmacists to service employees of our clients. These employees are generally locals who can be converted into repeat customers for your location.

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Drive Revenue

VXPASS pays our pharmacist partners up to 30% of the cost of VXPASS.

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Pateint Owned Records

The VXPASS web app lets pahrmacists create secure pateint owned records that they can have veried by anyone, anywhere, anytime.


How It Works

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1. Registration

Pharmacy registers as a vaccine verification location. Local employers send employees to registered verification pharmacy.

2. Arrive To Your Store

The patient/employee arrives to pharmacy for vaccination verification.

3. Create VXPASS Record

Pharmacist verifies patient identity and vaccination record and records to VXPASS provider portal.

4. Verify

Employee can now show digital proof of vaccination and has new ongoing relationship with pharmacy as their employers mandatory verification location

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